Digital Signage

Digital Signage is being utilized by more and more businesses. Thanks to advances in technology this isn’t just something for businesses with huge budgets. To put it very simply digital signage is just a sign displayed with a TV or other monitor. It can be frustratingly confusing trying to learn and set up digital signage at your business. Cloudy Zebra is here to help. We take all the confusing mumbo jumbo and just get you set up how you want.

If you own a small business that has a physical location customers and clients visit than utilizing new technology to boost sales and increase customer interaction is a no-brainer.

Own a restaurant or other eatery? How about encouraging your customers to post on instagram with #yourbusiness and than have their picture scrolling across the TV in your shop as they wait! Most people will try it out of curiosity just to see if it works. What this does is shows all of their connected social media friends that they are at your business and enjoying themselves, which helps with your viral marketing. The same thing applies to almost any business like bars, doctors offices, mechanic shops, gas stations, beauty salons, coffee houses, schools, churches and any other business that has people inside a physical property.

You can do so much more than just a # campaign. You can display news, weather forecasts, sports updates, facebook feeds, videos, pictures, basically anything that you want. Digital signage keeps your customers entertained and makes them interact. You can change your display very easily any time you wish. With this awesome power house available to all CLoudy Zebra decided to make it as easy as possible for a business to start utilizing digital signage to increase sales and customer interactions. Check out our simple pricing below! First choose your set up and then choose your monthly plan!
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Digital Signage Pricing

Look at your website on your phone right now!

Every successful business owner spends a lot of time and money on their website, making it look decent and convert well. The problem is how many business owners are completely ignoring their websites when viewed on a phone.

Your mobile website matters more than ever right now. You may have gotten an email from me talking a little about it because I want every one of my connections to be successful and giving them a heads up to check is the least I can do. Google is actively trying to convince site owners to make their site mobile-friendly, thumb-friendly and fast on mobile devices.

Mobile traffic online accounts for over 60% of all traffic so please don’t ignore it. Every day you have a non thumb friendly website you are losing business to your competition, there is no doubt about this. Think about the last time you went to a website on your phone that was hard to read, 9 out of 10 of you immediately hit the back button and went to one of the competitors site.

Let’s look at some examples and how to check out your site. First just go to your website on your phone. How does it look? If it wasn’t your website would you navigate it on your phone or would you look for an easier to use site?

Here is an example. Now please note this is a great company and they do awesome work and I would recommend using them BUT their site is a perfect example.

Site is easy to use and navigate on desktop:

But then it looks the same on the mobile side of things so you have to zoom in just to read it! If I wanted to call them how would I?

Now not only do you lose customers who land on your page but do you think it changes your rankings on Google? Using this same example let’s do a google search. This company is in spot #1 when you search from the desktop

Now the same exact search from my mobile phone this company drops to number 6! That means 75% of people on their phones will never even see this listing. Also notice how google lists that a site is mobile friendly or not. On mobile, over half of the internet traffic, will click their competitors and on average will never even know this company exists.-

Now anyone reading this understands this is costing your company money every day. For about the same amount the average person spends on coffee a month I can fix your mobile site and get you back in the game. The beauty of it is I don’t change your desktop site at all, it only changes your mobile side! It’s a no-brainer. Here is a mock up of what I could do for this company in just a few days time.
Want a mock-up of what I can do for you? It takes less than a minute just put your email and website in and you can see an example of your site being thumb friendly.

Call me today and let’s get your business mobile ready. 518-288-8736

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Make your website Mobile

See how your site can look on mobile devices. Just type in your email and put in your website for a preview of what we can do for you within 72 business hours.
Please allow 30 seconds for preview to load.

why mobile matters

State Farm Insurance Agency SEO

State Farm Insurance Agency SEO

Rapidly, Organically, and Perpetually Increasing Leads and Revenue For Your Agency

Generate Revenue and Save THOUSANDS on buying leads by organically getting highly qualified leads from search engines.


Strictly follow your National Provider’s Compliance Rules

  • We will stay complaint with the marketing guidelines for your agency.
  • No Landing Pages
  • No Branded Blogs
  • Follow all social media, listings and directory guidelines while growing your business.


What we will do

  • Throughout our process we will increase leads to your agency. We do this though social media, listings, business directories and mentions.
  • Review your micro-site and ensure you have all available sections filled out.
  • We will also create an auto feature to help you post across multiple social media platforms at the same time so you don’t have to copy and paste your messages across a bunch of sites.
  • This will naturally help you rank better in Google and the maps section.
  • Why do you want to rank higher on search results?

State Farm Rankings

75% of ALL clicks are from the top 5 results for a search term

Only 11%-15% click on Paid Advertisements in the search results

Google Ranking SEO

Searches for Car Insurance in Albany, NY Example

  • Possible search per month 590
  • 236 searches closing at 4%
  • 9 New Clients per month
  • $3,200 per lifetime client
  • $28,800 per month in lifetime revenue
  • $345,600 Per year possible in lifetime revenue

That is just one keyword example, numbers will vary based on location and competition.  We will be working on several keywords. You don’t need to be #1 to start seeing strong results, as the number of related keywords that rank on first page will cascade traffic and leads over time.

Many agencies spend $2-4+ thousand a month on lead generation companies that provide leads of varying quality. Once ranked and maintained, SEO provides an organic and perpetual flow of leads to your business.

This is why SEO is the best ROI online… for those who successfully rank like we do.

  • We Rank Insurance Agencies for their main keywords in their local service area
  • Will naturally start ranking for dozens of related terms, increasing your leads
  • We go beyond your competitors and other marketing agencies by…


Creating an Online EMPIRE and a Social Fortress

Social Fortress - Branding
Social Profile Branding SEO

Google loves to see companies go out and brand themselves, it creates trust and authority to your business and website. This is the best way for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to take your business seriously.

Business listings and directories

  • You will be added to the largest business listings and directory sites with your Name, Address and Phone number which helps you rank higher and get more leads.
  • You will be added to insurance specific directories.
  • We will locate local directories in your agencies city and have your business listed there as well.



  • Online reviews are important. Over 80% of people surveyed say the look at online reviews before purchasing.
  • We will help you to receive more positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google. Arguably the 3 most important review sites.
  • We make sure you have the links and log in info for all of these so that you can provide them to your happy clients.
  • Special Webinar Bonus: We will provide reputation management and reports of your reviews on the major review sites.


The Time to Rank is NOW

  • Your competition has a head start. We will catch you up and then surpass them
  • We use Proven Compliant, Safe, Powerful and results driven techniques
  • We specialize with national providers, especially State Farm
  • We only work with one client in a service area or city


Let us Take YOU from from the bad side of the tracks to the downtown hotspot online!

Special Group Pricing and referral pricing available, up to paying for itself entirely.

Need more reasons to work with us?


    • Matt is a Google Partner and certified
    • He is also an approved Professional by Linkedin with 43 recommendations

    Matt Martoccio Google Certified Partner


    Some of Steven’s and Matt’s recommendations

    Steven Vasquez SEO




    Some of our Past Results

    Curry Freeze SEO Rankings

    Albany Roofing SEO

    Roofing Video Ranking SEO

    What to expect:

    • Monthly Status Reports
    • 1 On Demand Phone Call a month
    • Time to rank differs in every market, and every client has different needs and we customize our work for each individual client, this is not cookie cutter marketing.
    • You will supply accurate business information, provide access to current social media and other accounts, pictures from your agency and videos provided to you from your corporate office.


    Special Webinar Only Pricing

    • The cost of our services normally range from $1,500-$5,000 a month depending on various factors.
    • Sign up from this page coming from our webinar and receive a group discount.
    • Special Bonus for signing up today: Reputation Management – $300 a month value.
    • After 1st month if you send 3 referrals that become clients SEO service is free as long as the referrals are clients!



    How long will it take to Rank MY agency?

    This really depends on your area and the local competition. We normally start to see movement in the second month and expect top 5 results within 6 to 9 months. There is no guarantee, as Google can and does change its ranking algorithm, but we only do the proven techniques Googles loves to see businesses do to rank.
    How long of a contract do I have to sign?

    We only do month to month contracts. Why should you be stuck with someone if it’s not a

    Good mutual fit? Month to Month contracts are our normal and we re-evaluate once your

    Agency is ranking in the top 5 results for your local area.


    Ready to Rank?

    We only work with 1 Agency per area so don’t wait until it’s too late!

    Normally, this service is upwards of $5,000 a month per agency. But today with special friend referral and group discount, pricing is a limited time offering of $1,000 a month plus a one time set-up fee of $500.

    Webinar Bonus: Reputation and Online Reviews Management ($300 a month bonus)

    Get an organic and perpetual source of high quality leads while building your brand, business, and revenue online.

    Click below today to start today

    First Month $1000 + $500 One Time Set Up Fee

    State Farm Insurance Agency SEO

    cloudy zebra shows how to make a mobile site for your business

    Should I have a mobile-friendly website

    Mobile websites and Google search

    Google is starting to decrease your ranking indicators if your website is not mobile friendly. Keep reading to see how to fix it.

    I’m sure you have all heard the major announcements from Google for the past few years asking all webmasters to make sure their websites are mobile friendly by May 2016. Mobile search is more than half the searches typically and losing your great rankings that you’ve worked hard on would suck and cost you money.

    Cloudy Zebra is right here in Ballston Lake, NY and we offer services to make your site mobile friendly and look amazing without altering your desktop side of your site. Visit the link below to see how awesome we can make your site look on mobile! Go ahead, take a look.

    Turn your desktop site into a mobile site online


    Now that you are all sorts of excited after seeing how gorgeous your new mobile website is going to look you may not care if your current one is friendly or not because of how awesome we can make it look. But if you want to check to see if your website is mobile-friendly for yourself with Google they have an amazing tool,


    Want a completely ugly, non branded mobile website?
    This option should just be a very temporary fix as it doesn’t keep the colors and feel of your desktop site and honestly looks pretty ugly but at least it is mobile friendly. If you are using wordpress as your site editor:

    1) Download the Jetpack Plugin (

    2) Log in to your WP dashboard

    3) Click plugins, add new (USE CAUTION. Make a FULL backup of your site data and database before proceeding and confirm your wordpress and other plugins are up to date and your site is secure.)

    4) Click upload plugin

    5) Upload the zip file you just downloaded for the Jetpack Plugin

    6) Click activate plugin

    7) Go to the side bar and click Jetpack Settings

    8) Scroll down and click mobile theme and configure

    9) Choose your settings and click save.

    10) Go to your website on your phone and see how your site looks.

    11) When you are ready to have a better mobile site contact Cloudy Zebra SEO. 518-288-8736

    Explaining what search engine optimization is

    Site Optimization with Cloudy Zebra SEO

    SEO vs PPC

    The difference between PPC and SEO

    Deciding on what avenue to spend your companies advertising dollars is a massive decision that can make and break your ROI. There are thousands, if not millions, of  ways to spend your hard earned dollars for marketing your businesses products and or services. When it comes to digital marketing a huge choice one must make is choosing between PPC, SEO or doing both.

    SEO vs. PPC

    If you are getting ready to invest or re-invest in a digital media campaign then you may be asking yourself what is the difference is between PPC and SEO. First of all with all these 3 letter abbreviations you may be thinking it has something to do with government agencies but simply they mean Pay Per Click (what is PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (What is SEO.)  Give a listen to the audio below for highlights on differences between the two with positives and negatives of PPC campaigns given. To sum it up pay per click is like putting a Band-Aid on your hand when you cut off your finger while SEO is getting a brand new hand that works and looks better than it did before.

    pay per click is like putting a Band-Aid on your hand when you cut off your finger Click To Tweet

    Are you ready to grow your business with long term stability and make more profit every month?Well that means Search engine optimization with Cloudy Zebra is the way to go. Click here if your serious about growing your company with a local business in Albany providing world class seo services for businesses just like yours.

    We are a local business located in the Capital Region at 31 Burning Bush Blvd Ballston Lake, NY 12019 and can be reached by phone at 518-288-8736.